Accessing A Live Auction

On the morning of a live auction the live interface, or applet, becomes available. The live interface is what we call our online bidding application. Bidders can participate in real time; watching the current lot, listening to the auctioneer, and placing bids. This guide will help you quickly and easily access the auction, place bids, and troubleshoot any issue you may encounter.

On the day of the auction we suggest logging into the live interface at least 30 minutes in advance of the sale starting. This will give you time to call customer service at 1-866-597-2437 with any questions, place absentee bids (pre-bids), and test your system.

You can access the live interface 2 ways.

bid live now21) You can log into your account and press the green “Bid live now” button


view as a guest2) If you want to watch the auction without registering press the “View as guest” button. You will not be able to bid as a guest.


gray bid button2 NOTE: If you see a gray “Bid” button it means you are still pending auctioneer’s approval and need to contact the auction company conducting the sale. If you do not have their contact information you can find it on the right hand side of every lot page or in the Sale Details/Important Information box.

When you press the button a window should pop up and look like this. welcome screenblank


If your live interface did not come up correctly please see below for possible solutions. If you need immediate assistance or if your issue is not shown below please call Customer Service at 1-866-597-2437

If the window does not pop-up you may have a pop-up blocker preventing the page from opening. Try disabling the pop-up blocker and opening the page again.

Some computers have security settings that will ask you to “allow this application” to run. You will need to allow the applet to run to access the live auction.

If you cannot log in you may not be approved to bid by the auctioneer yet OR the page may not be displaying correctly. Check your email for an email stating you are approved and try accessing the live interface with a different web browser. If you are not approved, call the auctioneer and if you are approved and still having issues, call Customer Service for immediate assistance.

Below is an example of the live interface with important sections marked.html applet marked 2

A This box contains the current high bid, the asking price, and the bid button. Pressing the bid button will enter in your bid for the asking price displayed in yellow.
B The pale gold background indicates the current lot for sale. You can scroll up and down to see both upcoming and sold lots in this lot listing. Check “Synch with Auction” to return to the item(s) currently up for sale.
C Use the “Your Offer” boxes to place absentee bids on upcoming lots. Go to the lot you are interested in, enter in your maximum bid into the box, and press “Send”. We will then make bids for you up to your maximum. Make sure you enter whole number amounts into the box. For example if you want to bid up to $10,000.00 enter 10000.
D This button controls the audio for the auction. When it displays “mute” the audio is broadcasting. If it displays “listen live” your audio is currently off.

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