The Bidder Journey - Eight Steps - invites you to follow along as we venture through the eight main steps a bidder will encounter on their way to successfully winning and retrieving their assets from an auction.

Recap of the Bidder Journey

Thank you for joining us as we ventured through the 8 steps of the Bidder Journey. We hope this information provides some insight into the quick and easy process of online bidding on For any additional information or questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team at 1.866.597.2437. We hope…

Step 6: Notifications

  You’ve Won! In this post we are discussing Step 6 of the Bidder Journey. Learn about Notifications and what they mean.  Click Here for step 7 and 8 of the series, Payment and Removal!  

Bidder Journey - Step 5 Bidding

Step 5: Bidding

  Today we are covering Step 5 of the Bidder Journey. Learn everything you need to know about our two main types of auctions and increasing your chances of becoming a winning bidder. Click Here for step 6 of the series, Notifications!  

Step 4: Approval

Today we are covering Step 4 of the Bidder Journey. Learn everything you need to know about getting approved to bid in an auction. Click Here for step 5 of the series, Bidding!



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